California Labor Law Attorney for Employers

California’s labor laws greatly favor employees, with no limits on the size of jury verdicts. Our California labor law attorney can help you to defend yourself against claims and minimize the damages you pay.

The employment laws in California are numerous and constantly changing. Our California labor law lawyers are quick on their feet and can assist you in navigating the tricky terrain of our legal system.

Wage and Hour Law

Wage and hour laws are complex and constantly being updated. This can pose a challenge to employers who do not keep abreast of the changes. California has the highest number of class actions for meal and rest breaks, overtime, and other wage issues than any other state. Our team can assist you in navigating wage and hour laws and ensuring your pay practices are legally sound.

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Prevention and Compliance

California law also regulates workplace policies and imposes a need for regular training sessions. Our law firm offers training plans that meet AB 1825 requirements and can also create policies that comply with state and federal directives.

Defense of Legal Actions

Our labor lawyers are skilled litigators with experience defending many types of cases in front of a jury. We have a strong reputation within the legal community as expert litigators, which helps our negotiations with the opposing counsel. While many employers prefer to stay out of court in disputes, we have a track record of success in court and can call opposing counsel’s bluff when they threaten court.

We will protect your reputation and trade secrets in a state that doesn’t favor restrictive covenants. However, we also recommend our services in drafting and enforcing arbitration agreements that will prevent employment disputes in the first place.

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Understanding Employers’ Needs

We represent a diverse range of employers, each with their own challenges. Because of this, we have a well-rounded knowledge of industry-specific laws and practices. Most of our clients have worked with us for at least a decade, retaining the same lawyer as their point of contact who has an intimate understanding of their business.

We tailor our strategies to our client’s industry and the way their business operates. While our priority is ensuring all contracts, policies, and handbooks comply with federal and state labor laws, our policies, contracts, and operational advice need to work for your business. Not only will we draft effective employment policies, we will also train HR staff and managers on the policies and their legal obligations. We stress planning as a proactive approach to reducing disputes, and ensuring litigation damages are minimal.

Employment Litigation

Discrimination lawsuits or claims are common in California, and employees of any protected class can bring a discrimination lawsuit against your company. Protected classes are:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability

We have successfully defended clients against discrimination claims through mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Mediation will always be our first step, as it is within your best interests to resolve the matter peacefully outside of court. This is why it is important to contact our labor lawyers when a discrimination complaint occurs, and the discriminated against party threatens legal action. Handling complaints correctly is important in preventing a lawsuit; we recommend putting in place a policy for investigating and handling complaints. By taking discrimination complaints seriously, you can preserve a positive workplace and avoid negative press.

If necessary, our attorneys will investigate the claim thoroughly and prepare a strong defense from litigation. We can defend your business in state and federal court, as well as other government entities.

Wrongful termination, whistleblowing, and retaliation are other common claims. We have extensive success with defending employers in these claims and proving that the employer’s conduct was legitimate and handled properly.

Labor Relations

Our employment lawyers are a key part of maintaining a competitive workplace free of conflicts and with flexibility for management. We can also assist employers facing union organizing drives with:

  • Countering aggressive unionizing efforts without seeming “anti-unions”
  • Complying with NLRB election laws
  • Maintaining a positive workplace with open communication
  • Engaging in collective bargaining
  • Responding to grievances and any arbitration action
  • Reducing drug testing, disciplinary actions, and strikes.
  • Representing your company in NLRB proceedings.

Our law firm stands apart from competitors with their determination, directness, and responsiveness. We pride ourselves on a quick response to client queries and aggressive defense of employers’ rights.

Wage and Hour Disputes

In class-action lawsuits for wage and hour violations, employers can attract millions of dollars in damages. Our attorneys can help you with overtime disputes and classification problems. They will:

  • Audit your existing pay practices and salary policies
  • Review the language in your existing written employment policies to ensure they meet new FLSA requirements
  • Ensure the job descriptions of your exempt employees are correct

If you face any type of wage and hour lawsuit, you need immediate legal representation. Effective legal counsel is vital in reducing the damage of a wage and hour lawsuit.

Trade Secrets and Non-Competition Agreements

Non-compete agreements or trade secret agreements can cause disputes between employers. We have handled many different types of these disagreements between former employers and current employers of an employee. Our priority , is ensuring the law is upheld, and your interests are protected.