Riverside County Business Lawyer

Nakase|Wade’s business lawyers represent all businesses, big or small in San Diego County, California. Our business lawyers provide expert legal support and representation to help San Diego County’s businesses to succeed. You can feel confident and comfortable working with our dedicated business attorneys. They will look out for your business’s interests at all time and protect your assets and reputation.

Practice Areas

We can help with any type of business legal assistance. Our business lawyers in San Diego County regularly assist customers with the following issues:

Partnership disputes

Partnerships are very different to other business structures. LLCs and corporations often need a lot of paperwork and legal contracts. However, partnerships can often exist by verbal agreement alone. Verbal agreements can often lead to trouble later as there is no written record of terms discussed. Nakase Accident Lawyers & Employment Attorneys can settle disputes between partners and work to preserve personal friendships even when partners go their separate ways.

Unfair business practices

California businesses must follow rules which enforce integrity, honesty, and protect customers. If you believe a business has committed unfair business practices, you can pursue legal action. We can help you if you have fallen victim to:

      • False promises
      • Deceptive or misleading advertising
      • Price discrimination
      • Phone solicitation
      • Internet fraud
      • Fixing market prices


If you need assistance to draft a fair contract, or are a victim of contract breach, our business attorneys can help you.

Business dissolution

Businesses do eventually come to an end in one way or another. Having legal assistance on hand will ensure all parties are taken care of and know their rights and responsibilities. Our business attorneys can help tie up any loose ends.

Corporate formation

Out business lawyers can walk you through the complicated process of forming a business. They can help you select the right type of corporation for your business and create a business structure. They can also assist with creating contracts and policies to build a strong legal foundation for your business.

Collection actions

Unpaid invoices can hamper your business’s ability to turn a profit. Our business lawyers can assist you with putting in place a structure to deal with unpaid invoices. It is important to protect your business’s reputation by not jumping straight to collections actions.

As a comprehensive business law firm, we can assist with all your business legal needs in San Diego County. We regularly take cases involving breach of contract, business litigation, business torts, business sale and purchase, and trade secrets.

Free Consultation with Our Business Lawyers

We are proud to help San Diego County businesses grow. No matter the size or complexity, we will help you navigate any legal issue. We offer free consultations with our business law attorneys, where we will evaluate your case. Contact us today to book your consultation.