California Business Lawsuit Defense Lawyer

Running a business is difficult enough without the legal challenges you face. Most businesses in California will focus on profits, productivity, and day-to-day operations, but legal protection should also be a priority. When there is a dispute, companies need a California business defense lawyer protect themselves against threats of lawsuits and civil litigation. The most common issues we see are a breach of contract and tortious interference of contract by business partners, employees, other operating parties. Our California business defense lawyer will defend your business in state and federal court.

Is someone threatening a lawsuit, or have you been served with a citation? If so, it is vital you contact an experienced attorney immediately. There are often tight deadlines to respond to lawsuits which will jeopardize your case if missed. Also, an experienced lawyer can help you mount an effective defense once they are involved.

Resolving Business Disputes

Business disputes are unfortunately common, but a business lawyer can help you avoid, mediate, and litigate these business disputes. We frequently handle cases such as:

  • Representing business owners in disputes with business partners
  • Defending business owners in employee or former employee lawsuits
  • Defending or prosecuting LLC agreements, breach of partnership agreements, and other business contracts
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Representing businesses in state or federal court
  • Representing businesses in claims from or against other businesses

Our clients can expect aggressive representation in their business litigation. Nakase Accident Lawyers & Employment Attorneys have a track-record for success.

Business law can be extremely complex and costly. It is important to seek representation or legal advice from a skilled business lawyer to minimize the damages to your business. Allow us to use our years of experience to defend your business.