6 Steps on how to write a standard business plan template

Your time is valuable as an entrepreneur; therefore, we are going to get straight to the point on how to start a standard business plan in six steps.

Step 1 Template: How to Write a Cover Page

Mama’s Bakery
Business Plan

Dianne Smith, Owner
Created on 9th of November 2020

Step 2 Template: How to Write an Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

Mama’s Bakery is a small family-run bakery which serves comfort food and home-baked goods. All our baked goods are rustic and baked with love.

Our customers are people who live and work in the Echo Park neighborhood of LA. They appreciate homemade treats and childhood favorites. Families will likely make up a large part of our customer base as parents share cakes and cookies of their childhood.
Our recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. These treats are what our grandparents ate as kids.

Company’s Future
Bakeries are an extremely popular industry, but bakeries that focus on homemade treats are market stalls rather than storefronts. We will offer something unique in a central residential neighborhood.

Step 3 Template: How to Write About Company Description

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Company Description

Mission Statement

To let our customers relive their childhoods through sweet treats

Principal Members

Dianne Smith – Business owner and head baker
Jack Smith – marketing manager and shop assistant

Legal Structure

Mama’s Bakery is set up as an LLC. The name has been trademarked and the logo protected. Our domain name and all social media pages are registered even though we do not have an online presence yet. We plan to build a social media following early on; however, we will evaluate if we need a website.

Step 4 Template: How to Write About Market Research

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Market Research


Mama’s Bakery will be a part of the food industry. We will focus on selling our baked goods in our bakery rather than providing catering. We will provide custom-orders for brunches and afternoon teas as well as custom-made children’s birthday cakes.
We plan to stay as a small local bakery rather than chasing large catering orders.

Detailed Description of Customers
The customers of Mama’s Bakery will be local residents and professionals generally above the age of 30. However, we expect the bakery to be quite popular with families as parents and grandparents share their nostalgia with children.
We will sell out of our store as well as at markets, targeting the crowds of people who purchase quality food for their family.

Company Advantages
Mama’s Bakery has these main advantages over its competitors:

  • A retail storefront
  • Social media advertising new treats and recipes
  • Vintage and nostalgic recipes

Mama’s Bakery must follow all regulations for food and beverages including, California Retail Food Code and FDA Food Codes.

Step 5 Template: How to Write about Service or Product Line

If your business is selling a service, you will write about “Service Line.”
If your business is selling a produce, you will write about “Product Line.”

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Product Line


We will sell a mixture of baked goods, with some classic lines and rotating seasonal lines. Mama’s Bakery will sell the following:

    • Australian-style slices: popular slices such as caramel slice, cherry ripe slice, as well as brownies and blondies.
    • Giant Cookies: choc-chip cookies, pecan cookies, snickerdoodles, seasonal butter cookies, peanut butter cookies, etc.
    • Cupcakes: there will be a rotating assortment of cupcakes available in different flavors.
    • Cakes: Banana bread, icebox cake, and an assortment of flavored cakes sold as whole cakes or by the slice.
    • Pies: A rotating assortment of different types of pies sold by the slice or as whole pies. Standard flavors will be apple pie, cherry pie, and key lime pie.

Pricing Structure

  • Australian-style slices: $3 per slice
  • Giant cookies: $4 per cookie
  • Cupcakes $3 per cupcake
  • Character cupcakes $4 per cupcake
  • Whole cakes: $20 (serves 6)
  • Slice of cake: $4
  • Whole pie: $25 (serves 8)
  • Slice of pie: $4

Product Life-cycle

Our products will be freshly baked on the day. Customers will be required to pre-order whole cakes and pies at least 24 hours in advance to minimize food wastage.

Research and Development

We plan to provide ongoing feedback on social media to ensure we are offering what our customers want. We will run suggestions for seasonal treats and new recipes. We will also closely monitor what sells to ensure we have enough of the popular sweet treats in stock.
We will eventually launch a recipe book to sell in our bakery and online and will put our 20 most popular recipes in the cookbook.

Step 6 Template: How to Write About Marketing and Sales

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Marketing and Sales

Growth Strategy
We will use Facebook and Instagram advertising heavily for the first year of our business. After the first year, we will run short social media campaigns to advertise seasonal baked goods.

We will have a market stall which we will run 3 days a week at various Farmer’s Markets in LA to sell our baked goods and create brand recognition. Each customer will be given a card with the details of our storefront and how to pre-order whole pies and cakes.
In the future, we may create a website where customers can order boxes of cupcakes, whole pies, and cakes for pick up later in the day. We can also sell our recipe book online and in our bakery.

Communication with the Customer
We will use the following methods to communicate with Mama’s Bakery customers:

    • At our market stall and bakery in person. We will ask for customers to tell their friends about us and give out business cards in the first year to help word of mouth marketing.
    • On social media with surveys and feedback encouraged.

How to Sell

We will focus on selling in-person to begin with, in our bakery and at the market stall. In the future, we may accept orders online for whole pies, cakes, and boxes of cupcakes or other treats. This will happen once we have sufficient staff to manage the storefront, market stall, and baking all day.