Business Law Lawyer San Diego County

Nakase Wade is a leading San Diego business law firm in San Diego County. Our San Diego business law attorney offer legal solutions to help San Diego business to thrive. Our business law attorneys can assist with:

Commercial Contracts and Transactions

A clear and unambiguous contract will protect your company from costly litigation. Our San Diego attorneys are skilled at reviewing and drafting commercial contracts to protect your business interests. The contracts we provide will clearly define each party’s obligations and responsibilities and the nature of the relationship and services. We can assist with negotiating contracts to ensure your business is protected in all transactions.

Early Stage Companies

We can help our clients build their company from the ground up. Our business law attorneys have the skills and experience to advise on funding, launching, buying, growing, and selling new businesses. Let us help you build a strong foundation for your new business in San Diego.

Employment and Executive Representation

We have a team of skilled litigators who will assist you in building a strong legal defense for any lawsuit. They will work to mediate and arbitrate first but will defend you zealously and aggressively in the courtroom.

These services are offered alongside our proactive legal solutions which ensure your contracts, procedures, and policies comply with California and federal law. This creates a strong legal foundation which fosters good relationships between management and employees and reduces the risk of lawsuits. We can also counsel businesses in San Diego on hiring, employment agreements, and separation.

Entertainment and Media Clients

Nakase Wade Law Firm have several media and entertainment clients and know the industry well. We can counsel employers on industry-specific laws and ensure any joint ventures, acquisitions, and investments go smoothly.

Finance and Lending

Our attorneys regularly counsel clients on how to secure financing for their business. We often refer business owners to San Diego local lenders. We can review contracts and transactions to ensure they will be beneficial to your business. Nakase Wade Law Firm represents both borrowers and lenders in all transactions.

General Counseling

Our law firm has been representing businesses for over a decade and can counsel on any legal matters that arise.

Licensing and Technology Transactions

Nakase Wade Law Firm provides legal assistance with commercial technology matters for all companies. We provide creative solutions which will help with any technology or licensing issues that arise.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The assistance of our San Diego business law attorneys will ensure complex mergers and acquisitions go smoothly. With so much change to the structure of businesses and staff, you need to ensure your business is protected from any legal claims. Our business law attorneys can help with all aspects of buying and selling a business, including corporate restructuring.

Real Estate

We represent a number of parties in all aspects of real estate transactions in San Diego County. Our firm can advise on financing, buying, leasing, and selling real estate.

Securities Offerings and Corporate Compliance

Failure to comply with corporate compliance laws or securities regulations can have severe consequences for your business. Our business law attorneys can review your policies, procedures, and corporate structure to ensure they comply with laws. We can also draft new policies if they are needed.

Venture Capital

Our business law attorneys assist in closing successful venture capital transactions which stimulate business growth. We provide cost-effective legal counsel to high impact entrepreneurs to ensure a beneficial strategy.