Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer has a wealth of knowledge in handling real estate transactions. Whether you are a lessor, seller, or buyer, Nakase|Wade real estate lawyers can ensure you are legally protected in transactions.

We are experts in handling real estate matters for houses, condos, apartment complexes, duplexes, commercial property, and office space.

Comprehensive Real Estate Legal Services

We are able to handle the following real estate legal services for our clients:

  • Resolving title problems such as liens

    We can investigate and resolve title defects such as mechanic’s liens, tax liens, or any other real estate claims. Depending on the case, we can review title insurance policies and deal with hindrances like title actions.

  • Lease Agreement

    Leases hold just as much value as the land and buildings you own. Our attorneys preserve the value of your leases. We can assist you in protecting the value of your real estate when refinancing or selling.

  • Land use

    Our attorneys successfully guide clients through complex land use matters. No matter the size of the project, we can assist you in navigating complex land use regulations before you purchase the land. We have our fingers firmly on the pulse of real estate laws and any proposed policy changes. This foresight is extremely valuable to our clients and helps them to avoid any issues while they are purchasing or developing.

  • Finance

    The environment of real estate financing is constantly evolving. You need a legal team who know the market trends and policies inside and out. Nakase Wade’s real estate attorneys have experience in a broad range of financing methods. We can help you with:

    • Financing supported by a letter of credit
    • Conventional loans
    • Sales or leaseback transactions
    • Mezzanine financing
    • Complex loans such as cross-defaulted, cross-collateral, multi-state, or multi-asset loans
    • Construction loans
    • Ground lease secured loans
    • Bond financing
    • Products protecting interest rates
    • Inter-creditor agreements
    • Loan participation agreements and all other co-lender agreements

If a property is not performing, we can liaise with litigation and bankruptcy experts to offer a range of strategic and practical options.

Real Estate Join Ventures

Partnering with other parties can cause many issues. Our real estate lawyers can assist with ensuring a collaboration goes smoothly by providing unambiguous contracts, and dispute resolution services. We can help with:

    • Risk allocation
    • Decision-making control
    • Exit strategies
    • Promote distributions
    • Buy-sell rights
    • Squeeze-down formula

Real Estate Purchase and Sales

Negotiating purchase and sales agreement can be difficult. Let our real estate attorneys review all contracts and agreements to ensure there are no nasty surprises. We can analyze survey and title matters, ground leases, ensure compliance with laws and entitlements, handle financing and construction issues, and counsel on development.